A legacy of community journalism with impact


Our newspapers have recorded our region's history for well over 150 years.

Our journalists have chronicled the transformation of our communities from the ruins of the Civil War to a region sprouting shipyards, military bases, ports and industries.

The Virginian-Pilot was born from a series of newspapers that opened immediately following the war in 1865 and eventually merged.

The Daily Press came into existence in 1896 – promising its readers to “espouse the right and oppose the wrong wherever found.”

The Virginia Gazette published its first edition in 1736, “containing the freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestick."

The Tidewater Review began covering the small town of West Point and surrounding rural communities in 1889.

Together, we’ve won countless state and national awards, including three Pulitzers.

Despite changes of leadership and ownership over the years, our newspapers have tirelessly and unceasingly reported the news and told the stories of our hometowns and beyond.

More importantly, we’ve done so while holding tightly to these words from one of our founders:  

“By honest and intelligent journalism, inspire people to do better.”