Hear from Tidewater Media Guild members about why they were in favor of unionizing.

I want The Pilot to unionize because our newsroom and the people we serve deserve better. Our bosses need to work harder to hire minorities who have shared experiences with the people we write about. They need to improve pay equity, specifically between men and women with the same amount of experience. They need to keep our newsroom as stable as possible while we go through a very turbulent change in ownership. I want to have the power to bargain for these things because, in the end, our newsroom will have a stronger voice for the people whose lives we’re trying to improve.
— Ana Ley, Portsmouth reporter, The Virginian-Pilot

I think we deserve better benefits, pay and working conditions. I think this will show our organization that we want to be recognized with all of the hard work and effort we put in every day.
— Ashley Luck, reporter, Tidewater Review

As someone who’s twice been laid off without warning in this business, I feel a strong need to protect myself and others from the possibility of that happening again. All journalists, who are so vital to keeping their communities honest and accountable, deserve better.
— David Hall, sports reporter, The Virginian-Pilot

I support unionizing because it gives us, the journalists, a say in how our newsrooms operate. I don’t believe our corporate owners have a desire to see the quality journalism done that our communities deserve. It’s up to us to speak up for our communities. I think a union will improve our newsrooms because through a union we can fight for good wages, benefits and working conditions. Good wages, benefits and working conditions attract good journalists to our newsrooms and keep them there. Strong newsrooms make for strong communities.
— Jack Jacobs, James City County reporter, Virginia Gazette